The Great Spelling Bee Australia

Embedded image permalinkNot sure how i feel right now every time i tune in to watch The Great Australian Spelling Bee i just feel i need to practice and write more English not because i can’t spell more to the fact that every time i get it wrong i need to use a dictonary  dictionary  or just use auto correct on my computer. Seriously most of the time i have no idea how to spell the words or even have heard of the words before. Just can’t imagine how young most of the kids on the show can know all the complicated and challenging words from time to time.  One thing for sure is that 100% that their parents should be pride of all of them for reaching the grand final tonight. Enough said time to get ready to watch the show and see who will crown winners of “The Great Australian Spelling Bee” . I don’t know who’s going to win but i would want Grace or Harrison to win .


TV Series

Just a short confession i am currently watching Fear the Walking Dead and Stalker as part of my relaxation time during night/evening time before i go to bed. I tend to watch one episode per day so each day i have time in the morning to load up from ( where i watch most of my television shows.  Sorry i need to watch it right now before it’s to late because i tend to go to bed around 11pm most of time and i am sorry if i don’t reply or chat to you on facebook or whatsapp just busy watching will respond to your message soon maybe in the morning.

I will write a review of the ” Fear the Walking Dead ” soon just like i have already done for “Stalker” .

Bye ….


Today i just started watching the tv show Stalker

Here is just a short trailer of the television show , let me know what you think about it. Maybe is because i need to kill time and not sleep after all i don’t want to get stalked by people on the internet. No offence ! once you publish or share something online it is there forever nothing can stop you from taking it down just like this post is just about me watching “Stalker”. I don’t want to scare you but i am going to now and grab dinner then have bible studies fellowship tonight.

If you want to watch it you can click the link below

Stay safe and peace out !


Masterchef Australia 2015

With less than a hour and half to go until we know who will win the Masterchef Australia 2015. Seems legit right some of you may think Georgia is the favourites to win despite Billie have a strong chance to win.  Been watching the show from the beginning and was hoping Reynold to win not because he is asian and can only cook desert. He been amazing but he was eliminated and came 4th place a worthy winner of all my books. He is amazing and wonderful at that young age now i can just not watch the show despite Georgia winning because she from Queensland.  Maybe the show wanted her to win from the start because she seems to be most on screen. I don’t know or don’t really care who actually wins.  May the best female to win. I am going to sleep now . Just wake me up when the score and the winner is.  WOW THIRD ROUND IS EPIC !!! 5 hrs to cook … HESTON