Brisbane School of Theology Notes


The following pages will be password-protected . I  will be covering what i am learning from Brisbane School of Theology . I am currently studying a Diploma of Ministry course as my subjects is Church to 1550 and Old Testament Foundations. So the following pages will be all my key notes from class from the two subjects.

If you want to access any of the pages please send me a email at “” or comment below so i can send you the password .So most of you would ask why i decided to create a password for the following page and not visible for everyone to view.

Not because i don’t want to share what i have learn from studying Church History and Old Testament course is my effort and hard working in my studies and learning each week from wonderful tutors like Richard Gibson and John Coulson . The effort for me to take notes and find image or visual or clips and study from their powerpoint can be really tiring and exhausting in keeping up with my assignments, study and revision. It is not easy but i must admit is been a joyful and awesome journey. Is been almost half semester of studies.

Sorry for all the confusion and hope you can understand this situation. Some notes is hand-written notes only manage to scribe as during that time i didn’t have any computer access at all so hope you can read my writing and apologies in advance if i decide to scribe and not type the notes on computer format from copied and pasted.

All scribe notes is copied and captured on my phone so phone quality as a JPG file may be easy and accessible to download and save for future reference and note.
Maybe in the future or when i am more free i will open-up some pages for preview and quick example what i have been learning.  Currently i am just copying and pasting every notes from my Evernote document notepad where i write up each week note hoping all the imagery and word stick with the text in this WordPress account.