About Me

Just a small introduction about me if you don’t know anything about me. So my name is Bowie Sin and i am 24 years old. I was born in Australia Townsville Queensland. After birth my parents decided to move down to Brisbane Queensland a place closer and comfortable to live and closer to the airport. My parents is Chinese as they are from Hong Kong China so i am Australian born Chinese. To clarify i speak fluent English and can speak Cantonese and Mandarin. I have one younger brother named Kelvin who is 2 years younger than me.

Some of you may ask me if i have a middle name but unfortunately i don’t have one . Don’t know if this is true but when i at young age i went back to Hong Kong to study kindergarten up to Grade 3 or something and when i return back home Brisbane i started school when i was in Grade 3 .  Nundah State School was my first primary school from grade 3 onto grade 7. It was the best time of my life i must admit maybe because i went to a public school making a lot of good friends when i was just a child and kid loving everyone just being normal and the kid who give gifts to people whenever occasion happen but this all change when i entered high school or secondary school. I wasn’t the kid who was smart just simple outgoing loving joyful cheerful boy. After Nundah State School i went to Brisbane Grammar School for my secondary high school learning  and eventually i finish and graduated in 2008.

probably 2002/3 i went to Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church (Kedron Queensland ) since then i have been attending church most Sundays. Is been part a small community which i grew up to meet so many awesome Christian brothers and sisters.  They mean so much to me . They are like a family to me since i was young many of them help and tutor me when i was in my studies of high school . They are so kind and loving person which i admire and inspire to be like them when i was young. When i was young i went to church and classified as myself as a Christian but not the idealist Christian when i was young. Maybe i was just doing it for myself and not for God and not caring life as having no purpose or trying to find a meaningful life when i was young and didn’t like what i was studying during my hardship of my university days.


2013- 2015 SU QLD / Work Experience Youth Work
2015 July – God is leading me to what i am going to do in the future …
this is the longest summary of about me that i have ever written maybe longer than anything so yeah . if u want to know more send me a message or email me straight away or call me directly
2016- Diploma of Ministry at Brisbane School of Theology

My Christian Testimony and Blog
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkHWnh7E2Q4 + http://bowienewlife.tumblr.com/


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