Small Update

Apologize for the delay of not updating on my Facebook Page since July 3 2016. Is been a challenging tough couple weeks. Not that i haven’t got anything to say or post or images to inspire you with all Christian or Biblical thoughts that relate to what I am feeling right now. I have been trying to finish off a chapter off for all you to read. But this time is not a book chapter compare to the previous one.  This time is much different. Is more like a newsletter style structure theme. I was inspired to write a newsletter structure because in schools you have newsletter weekly or fortnightly.

As much words to say in a limitation and no structure I have written about seven pages but I think it include images and photography to match what I was trying to persuade to you. The balance of photograph will enhance the reading bit better as I am more visual than text. Of course writing and words is important to match any story or sentence. In perspective I hope this newsletter will be a good read for you all to know just a bit about me and what I have been up to this whole year so far. As we approach August 2016 I am forever thankful for all the opportunities and choices or moments that shape my past months. I think is more like a reflection of January-July 2016 in 7 pages. 7 because of each month a page in some way I was trying to tell but some other details you may already know. Knowing is the key to this short update of this post. I have actually thought about a lot what I can do for the upcoming Facebook or WordPress post.

If time permit and if I am not too busy with study as I have a major assignment due in 2 weeks coming and then following more other piece I will start or decide to do a LIVE Facebook update or a recorded video update where I share about my personal walk or life or anything that relate to me or anything I want to share on YouTube. Yes I do have an account but I haven’t update anything lately since a month or two. It will be a trial I know I have done this before in the past but back then was jut mucking around and random talks but I think this could be serious and key. So stay tuned for the live update on facebook. I will announce it soon. Don’t worry I am more scared than you but please do pray for me about this new opportunity or chance I am undertaking. Be bold and stand firm. You can feel free to ask me any questions or anything . Sorry this ***live update will be on group page not on my personal page so to keep this Biblical or Godly the title or the key is to talk about religious or anything faith related. I will try to answer with all my ability and if not I will try get back to you. To be honest I am still learning each day and spending time daily to understand God’s word better and equip it well to be a good servant of Christ.

Maybe even you know more than me or that I will need your help and skills. I am willingly to share what I know and what I agree.

***Please take note **
If you allow me to have YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS I will send you the newsletter the pdf file instead of me uploading on facebook as a file archive which you may easily have misread it hence you will may the post update from time. I know some of your emails but not most of yours. I promise I won’t spam your email at all hence is more private and personal in some way email than facebook. Thanks for taking this in consideration.

If you don’t want to be on the email I won’t add you on the list.

Thanks in advance
Brother in Christ ( Bowie)
May we all glorify Jesus in all circumstances of life



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