May 2016 Summary

*** heads up **

(a long sharing post maybe covering the whole of this month of May 2016.)

This section will be covering thoughts and writings about May 16-23th 2016 

Afternoon brothers and sisters in Christ and friends .Is been almost a week and half since i last shared on my anxiety and worry moment about my future and job opportunities chances as mention below or the post on May 4th. During that week i was feeling so unwell maybe because i was still sick or some stomach bug or some sort as i posted this Biblical verse
“Psalms 56:3-4 When I am afraid, i put my trust in you. In God , whose word I praise- in God I trust and am not afraid.”

during that time i pray, mediate and ponder this verse for the whole week as it was my key goal to live it out in the ministry and spiritual walk as ” not to be afraid and put trust in God alone in all circumstance and live it out that week as soon as that happen i received couple email from past chaplains friends and Peter James the CEO of SU QLD about the funding issue as it was just a minor case and there will be funding of course we NEED SCHOOL CHAPLAINS IN SCHOOL IN QUEENSLAND .. ( * sorry about the caps was just making a point )
By the end of the week i researched more information and wrote a similar blog post which you can read it on this  link  or this  article regarding tot he issue 
As most of you know is school chaplain week also known as chappy week .
Chappy Week

After that frantic- anxious moment i continue to pray and seek God in my studies at Brisbane School of Theology as i had just finished my paper essay work on Old Testament The Themes of the Pentateuch,. It was a tough essay to work on since have the elements of writings, research, thinking ,interpreting the Bible, looking at Biblical scholars, planning and structuring a proper essay format. I am glad is finish but that’s only one major essay for my Old Testament course as not to mention i have a upcoming exam in 2 weeks time on the historical books from 1-2 Samuel, Judges, 1-2 Kings and Joshua. 

Regarding to the commentary or extra reading i have decided to watch The Bible Project on those books as a guide for me to comprehend the books better into a visual before reading those books again. I know the exam will be a challenge but all challenge is worthy of the cause as not because i am studying at Bible College for pride or acknowledgement or fame more to the fact want to glorify Jesus and share my faith and testimony to all you brothers and sisters in Christ and friends to people who i meet from streets in Brisbane as much as i have the capacity to type here today and share about my personal experience to you all i am forever bless and grateful for Jesus for giving me life and that i am capable to live in this wonderful blessed country of Australia.

About John Calvin assignment i have to answer the following question

Assess the significance of Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion for the spread of Reformed theology in the sixteenth century.

been a challenge for me personally have written around 2000 words not sure i i am on the right track but i am sure my Grammar and English is out of terms when i send a draft to my friend to have a look and his comments and feedback . His comments were
“There are many grammatical problems here and below. I suggest reading your sentences out loud to see if they make sense. “

Screenshot (1)Screenshot (2)
Finally fixed it up to a much better easy from before
 Screenshot (7) Screenshot (8)
 Mum leaving to Hong Kong / China/Korea/ /…..from May 20th – June 25rd
 missing my mum cooking and cooking more ~~ update photos soooon
being more freedom and less argument ~~ miss her presence 😦
taking care of my brother whilst mum away ~~ sigh don’t i need to do that already
going out grocery shopping ~~ just going to Yuen’s market and Coles for shopping
studying and more quiet time ~~ yeah more time alone at home but is so cold …
catching up with friends and party.. i don’t mean party just …
whatever shopping spreeeee ….
ewww cleaning and tidying my room ( fun actually )
want to build a desk and book case in my room
collecting mail ~~ no worry no bills yet
having friends over maybe for State of Origin
time for reflection for God even more
watch television more
BUT most important is that i missssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss her that much 
she still skype and whatsapp and send me images of her travels. 
Last May 23rd-29th 2016

This week is the last week of May and also the  last week of Semester One at Brisbane School of Theology . Is been a tough challenging six month of  joy and knowledge  to study Biblical theology and concepts of Old Testament Foundations and Church History to 1550. Learning new topics and knowledge each time i go to my classes on Tuesday and Friday. So much time spend on the quality from staff members at BST .

With excellent staff members from Richard and John guiding us along . I have been so beneficial and amazed at their teachings. For more details check out this link. As much learning and understand i decided to upload and share will you some of my notes . But it is password protected to access only.

I will try update this section after my exam next Tuesday (June 7th) and for more information check out the link above or contact me if you want a preview of the notes i cover at class and all tutorial lecture notes is covered by my lecturer. I hope the notes is sufficient to share and provide resources to better spread the gospel of Jesus story and how the church history and Old Testament Foundations work in a big picture to glorify Jesus in everything I do .  Sound simple to say or even type the words but in fact is a life long journey process , is not that easy actually we all endure and encounter different pathways to the person who you are right now. Hear me right now or for the first time or even know me well enough from a young childish shy boy.

Maybe is just me, after all i am different to everyone else in a unique way, not because i am special or different more to the fact i have a strong relationship with my Holy Spirit Jesus Christ. He is everything to me . Without any doubt he is the source of my life and source of yours. I am proud to be a Christian. Being a Christian is glorifying Jesus and living out a life that show Christ-like in my actions and behaviors and lifestyle. The way i am maybe different from anyone since everyone is unique and special with God’s creation. I can continue sharing and saying views about my personal life journey but this is just the only summary of my May 2016; what i have been up to since haven’t shared or emailed to most of you lately.


Finishing off my Calvin’s assignment by May 27th 2016
Thankful for Graham for helping and fixing up my Grammar and structure to a readable text of Calvin. I think i don’t need to write anymore just finish on Wed evening on the topic and now
 need to get ready for this preparation and continue to study for my Old Testament  Exam on June 7th 2016 please pray for me about it  so i can concentrate and focus on this coming study week and energy and rest in my studies. I tend to procrastinate and spend time on editing photos when i meant to be revising for Book of Joshua, 1-2 Samuel or maybe 1-2 Kings .

As a habit i procrastinate and spend time doing other stuff rather study for my Old Testament exam. I know i am not the best to concentrate and focus when i get distracted on my computer. I love watching football/soccer or photography videos when i am not doing anything. Sometimes this week i wander around New Farm and Valley to not study and just take photos. Is not the best time to do all this kind of stuff when my exam is unknown as to be concerned to know a historical understanding of King Solomon and some aspect of Book of Joshua and maybe the divided kingdoms in 1-2 Kings. I have done the note research and need to get it in my head and remember. I doubt is a trick in the question for the exam just need basic understanding and i will do fine. For all certain i will probably revise my notes again this week and before Tuesday of course.
Still puzzling and pondering about how to approach my exam i am glad and thankful for all the challengers and decisions i made this year so far. So far so good i guess is not because today is June 1st 2016 or that i am feeling quite nervous and scared that is already June 2016 already that is actually half of the year have arrive. JUNE so much time on my hand as i only have one exam this semester so far and that i basically finish my essays and writing all couple weeks ago which is a relive and great but i know all my friends at university still not finish until mid June which i will anxiously wait for them.
Now ++ June 2016 
Special announcement to be presented to you all soon but here a preview of what i have been updating in my free and leisure time. Is a new project i started couple years back when haven’t got the time yet but i will resume from last time. Example from the image but will outline more later update post sooooooon….
Screenshot (4)
In the meantime i will spend time  continuing  my photography projects that cover on the adjustment and editing retouch images from

Jane/Alex’s birthday photos 
2016 Church Events

Still Editing for this section so no preview yet soooooory will be updated soon …
Brisbane HD May Edition
Portrait Photography- Friends + Family + Group Shots

Ah yes the newsletter i was mentioning on the facebook page i will need to adjust and make some changes since it won’t make any sense or just a reflection of what i have been doing and what i have done since the time of April and May . I have also started writing a book chapter called Stress but Good basically is a chapter of my life where i feel depress and stress from the world and all my insomnia symptoms affect my behavior and how i can prevent it and other help suggest so that book chapter won’t be updated until .. ( don’t know when ) since is everyday writing can be done soon it just depends on me personally what i want to say and how it can be prevented.

Past  Couple Weeks May 9th -15th 2016 + 16th- 23rd 2016

12nd May 2016- Had breakfast with brother in Christ Regan
13rdMay 2016 – Visited YAF Toowong Baptist Church Young Fellowship

14th May 2016- Neoleader Conference Last week was amazing and wonderful …
 15th May 2016- EuroVision 2016 Dami Im 2nd place 😦 +
20th May 2016- Mum departs for a month and half to Hong Kong and China for holiday
22nd May 2016- Manchester United 2-1 Crystal Palace FA Cup Winners 2016 
22nd May 2016- My home church Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church celebrated 32nd church anniversary
For more daily or weekly update check out my FB Group Page 

Screenshot (3)

God bless you all
Brother in Christ


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