Support School Chaplaincy PLEASE

😔😔So today the government announced they will axe funding for Chaplaincy at the end of 2018 (when our current funding ends). SU have urged all supporters of Chaplaincy to make calls and basically cause some noise – if there is no response of protest, the government will interpret it as a lack of care for the Chaplaincy program, and that their budget cut is what the people want. Make some calls to our local MPs and the PM’s office and show your support for Chaplaincy. Please share and get the word out and let’s show the government that people want Chaplaincy kept in school’s. ☹☹


My reaction when i heard this news was a bit sad and worried about my future and career pathway now as my dream was to be a school chaplain.  In circumstances like this we need to let people know school chaplains is important in primary and secondary school all over Australia school. Playing a major part in school as we chaplains support, encourage and empower children from young age in their growth of age to age. Some may ask what is a school chaplain. Here is a preview what we do as chaplain. 11391755_990798997620881_3209166735300861410_n

Please continue to support and pray about this issue

Brother in Christ



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