FINISH April 1st Essay on Anselm of Canterbury

F= Finally is over now I can rest and submit it before 5pm early the better so

I=  I can spend some spare time later in a birthday gift wrapping and other projects I am working on like the newsletter I am writing is almost finish sorry about the delay will probably be


N= next week if I can work on it more this weekend and just need extra touch but for this case I find this piece wasn’t too difficult just a lot of research and article reading and journals and Google scholar and books and reference sections . have anyone heard of the term of “ontological argument or ” Scholasticism ” before if you haven’t done any Church History … but if you don’t you know you would be like for me the last couple months .

I= Is been stressful and tiring and draining at times but  so thankful for this opportunity to write this essay of writing and research of Anselm of Canterbury . I love it not because is hard work more learning what he did cause he was so important and significant and influential Christian figure where I can now use him in my conversation toward people I love his ontological arguments . of course he is a Christian and wrote
“God cannot be thought of simply as a concept which people have. He thinks that people who deny God’s existence can nevertheless be thought of as having some cocneor of God, for , so he says that have some idea of what it is whose existence they deny”
NPG D23949; St Anselm after Unknown artist

S= So where should I go from there you would ask and challenge me but I know you would be keen or interested to learn about him which I could tell you another time but so much to give thanks. So I want to acknowledge some friends name especially for the guidance and support when I was working on this assignment and my studies this year. I want to praise your name and make your name known hope you don’t mind but if you do mind you can remove yoruself from the list. Thanks
( Ellie Graham, Richard John Gibson, Madita Kitzing, Nathan Haywood, Stephen Longbottom, Na Wei ,  Callum Tyrrell,  Joshua Nielsen , Ross Lam, Joannie C Akes, Truman Chan, Brittoni Chin, Rebecca Leung ,Judy Lam,  …  most of my brothers and sisters of my home church BCCC ( u know who you are so won’t list the whole ) I think there is more people to mention but sorry those is the name pop up in my head if I can think of I will add later maybe . You know most important thanks for Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit for all the wisdom and strength you have placed me in this Earth to empower and encourage believers or non-believers of my faith and sharing of what I do best.

H= History is important and fun to study when I am doing church history see my analogy trying to use the term of the word ” finish into a mini essay or reflection what I have been doing for the last 2/3 weeks on Anselm, I am sorry for those who whatspp, facebook message me for the last and this week been working on this project and trying to stay focus and leisurely I have time to reply but I will defonirely converse or message you on the phone or facebook maybe this weekend. I hope I can reply all your messages if not I do apologize in advance in greater news I created a new Skype account for all my friends who wants and is struggling and if you want to talk to you can talk better than typing but if you still shy or don’t know me well enough we can still chat by typing gradually on phone since most of this generation haddly “call ” people they rather Facebook people ironically I am sharing this extreme long post on here fb and also my WordPress account. Hope you can hear me out all what I am implying and trying to say.
So Skype username is so simple is just
“bowielovejesus” .. I do love Jesus in fact he is the reason for me to spend and share this to you about my journey and transformations in my daily life.


Time to go been on Facebook for last 45 minutes writing this long post I hardly ever done that long but  if I do I would draft mode and do it wordpress backup and word auto recovery so if I deleted or accidentally clicked something I will waste my 50 minutes of waste but not waste just unhappy could spend on sleeping since I slept at 2am last night working on it.



Laters friends. May we all glorify Jesus in our ministry of study and work and life.
Brother  in Christ



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