Pray for Brussels ….

 I know is almost a week since the attack of this terrific event i want to inform to continue to pray for Brussels and it’s population and people who affected this case. In some circumstances it was horrible and evident we can see terrorism play a major part in this event we need to stay focus and stay alert as more random act of evil been happening since this happen. I actually can’t record but heard from the news from Pakistan  or some other countries affected. Is not about how many countries affected is about the evil in this world as we need the love of each other as like during Easter as a symbol of Jesus to die on the cross for mankind sins everyone in this Earth planet for our sins. So we can live is amazing but why do he need to do it because he love us so much just like “ John 3:16 speaks – 16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” DEFINITELY the most copied or well-known Biblical word that man kind knows. Is amazing how wonderful and awesome. 

Hallelujah Praise Jesus for Easter on Sunday ( March 27/28) we are forever bless and with that new day a new season and Jesus is ALIVE !! Rise from death from Good Friday and the tomb is gone ( That’s kind of Easter story but that’s another story to share) this is about the recent world events attacks and REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR THE WORLD not just for Brussels ! of course for them recently affected but also remember to pray for another parts in this world we live in this planet Earth so humbled and bless if you have a lot of material and world needs like for me i live in Australia Brisbane forever bless and thankful for the opportunities and daily provision of God’s creation and how amazing in this city full of life.
I say it because i am so lucky to be born in Australia as there is not much “evil ” or negative in my side. I feel for the others so my desire to continue to pray for the world and what needed to be . The love and gospel and sharing of my faith and Jesus love story to people around the world as much i want to share on here on WordPress i can do it on my Facebook Page * if you want to check it click the button “link ” or before the word facebook page. Is a page where i and some of my friends post about Jesus and his word and anything about religious so i advice you to check it out if you have the time to browse. Is going to be a wrap for me since i have to finish this project due tomorrow and almost finish this is like my break to share to you all about this case i find it alerting and alarming..

Find a extract from the newsletter some Christian leaders impacting what need to be shared and impact to people around that time of the attack.

“Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, would you take the time to cry out to God for the people of Brussels and for the millions of people who will hear this news and be tempted to lose faith in our great God. He remains ever on his throne and will one day perfectly judge those who commit such sins.

We can trust in him and remember that Christ died to utterly crush sins like violence and murder. He is the Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords. When we are afraid, nothing can calm our fears like drawing near and crying out to him.”

Copyright Source : Andrew Hess (

More Updates to follow the news affected  in this Planet Earth 🙂

Brother in Christ



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