Need Your Prayer


robably i told you already that i will continue study unless i have a sustainable job .Not that is complicated to look for a job that i am passionate or that i am not ready to work in the workplace. I really wanted a job actually maybe being a part time photographer doesn’t help me to earn enough money and solely rely on my parents. Knowing this stage of my life should be the most entertaining and fun and joyful in working or even travelling with friends. I must admit i am bless and thankful to be living in Brisbane Queensland Australia a state and country where is quite relaxing and easy going not saying that is easy just maybe not a city with many potential jobs for certain field of studies. I am sure with my recent graduate i can empower and encourage brothers and sisters or strangers in Brisbane to a better state to live in. With the environment and climate Brisbane is one of the best city to live in the world . Sometimes it have crazy weather like bad storm but that’s about it. I don’t know i am just saying this because i have lived in Brisbane most of my life i must admit and think Brisbane is boring . Boring means nothing new or nothing special because is so small and you know everyone from town to town just like the other week i randomly bumped into my old classmate from high school at Sunnybank that i haven’t seen for more than 5 years. Is quite daunting at first but after it will get easier once you have this formula in life not because i am gifted at this just more like i need a lot of practice . I am talking about public evangelism or just have a basic conversation with someone you never met before. Actually if you don’t want to talk why just wave and smile to them and give them a happy emotion or feeling that they can last forever . Sometimes smiling is all we can do to cheer up their day. I am sure if you see a smile from someone you will have a reaction of joy and happy knowing they acknowledge you . Don’t we all want to be recognised for just a simple gesture of happiness. After all everyone wants to be happy and have a bright smiley face rather than sad then an angry face.  To have a conversation with a stranger in the street of Brisbane all we need is 30 seconds of courage sometimes we don’t need to talk and let them start the conversation, to be smart about this don’t be rude and start of with basic skills and start of with common ground or interest or try complement them and make them positive and good impression when you want to know them better. It may start off bit weird and awkward trust me i have experience so many tough and weird moments but that’s another story to share. Let me get back to what i was meant to be sharing and need from you brothers, sisters in Christ or just followers who love reading my blog about my life experiences or just anyone on WordPress or anyone who have this link.



ost of the time i feel nervous and depress or sad  when i think i haven’t succeed my life with any graduate or certificate of any proper degree until last year despite getting a lot of qualification and experience in university life. As much i participate and attend lectures and tutorial classes i felt i was just having too much fun or not really caring about a simple degree or trying to achieve the “7”  . Just like you want to get the best you need to study and study and work hard. I wasn’t able to achieve it just put in perspective i only manage to finish a year and half of studies in my first degree of university before i got excluded and not able to continue to study that specific degree, I think i did mention to some of you my first degree was Bachelor of Multimedia at Griffith University Nathan after finishing Brisbane Grammar School in 2008 as i felt i was just trying to sort out what i was trying to achieve in my Multimedia degree as it was focused on Programming, C++, media, website building, … can’t remember the list but i must admit it was fun and make some good friends while studying despite having a tough time. I think my favourite was when i have a major in media film production so something along making movies at SouthBank where i had the opportunity to learn Photoshop , Lightroom, Final Cut Pro,  illustrator or just any Adobe Products .. interestingly and gladly i brought the program as advised for class and tutorial i became good at it but not expert. Surly i have the skills of editing and retouching image quality to a good standard so if anyone need help or any work i can try do my best but i can’t guarantee is the best quality standard compare to many professionals.  Only managing one and half year at Griffith  i went on to  SAE Institute Australia – Creative Media Education to study Film Media Production since back then i really love the idea of making videos and film as much i love capturing photos i feel i had a desire to create some movies since having some background knowledge when i was at South Bank when we had a project or elective in film. I think it was my favourite back then.  After minor completing that degree in partial credits  i think i took a gap year of looking for work related as hard as i try i wasn’t able to have a job or that i am not ready to face the world.  After awhile i decided to study photography thinking it was a benefit to learn the skills and enhance my better use of my camera Nikon D5100 .


ack then when my parents brought me a decent entry level camera to just snap and assist my church better in taking okay photos. I thought the course was going to teach me how to manually use my camera , the different features of a camera operates. But i guess it was more like industry and worldly view of teaching with a lot of specific topics from the dark room, journalism in photography and others which i find it unrelated what i want so i decide to quit after a whole of year of semester of studies and teaching. The course wasn’t hard just not what i was expecting so at that time i once again struggle or did not find a purpose. Maybe having a lot of different qualification and experience benefit me in what i like to do. Sometimes you need to quit and try something new to enjoy life instead of persisting on what you want to achieve. By then my symptoms of depression got even worse as i have no idea what to do as i was just living life as each day pass. I know i was just letting myself down and seeing everyone almost finishing a proper graduate degree or achieving a qualification from university i cried out and talk to my pastor about my situation . During this time i think i started writing and want to share my personal experience to my friends (brothers and sisters in Christ) my church and my good friends . It was that time i feel so much joy and some meaning in my life. i am not saying i  didn’t have a meaning in my past life years as i struggle to comprehend why i wasn’t smart enough.  Being smart doesn’t mean being successful at that time i was just soley focusing on myself and trying to find a degree that i have a passion or i really admire. I suggested football (soccer) related jobs but i know is impossible to be a professional soccer player like Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Some superstars just like they start from a young kid and a lot of training and persistence . Just one of many skills for  any super stars or famous personal is full of confidence at that moment i lacked that and it was evident in my studies and life situation . I would only open up to my close friends not like now i would be public open to anyone. I do get scared but i have a bit more confidence and courage in myself believing i can achieve once i try just as i mention earlier post above.


n the midst of this fallen world i have endured the strength and energy to convince myself i am strong enough and try forget the past as i am so bless and thankful for each new day. Every new day is a gift from my Lord Jesus Christ who provide everything to me and you so thankful for his provision and everything . I am writing this because i want you to know the truth and purpose in knowing and acknowledging him  than anything else in this world. No matter what people say to you , he is number one and he knows everything about us . The deepest thoughts to the darkest desire he knows them because he created you. Every one is different and different in their unique way of spreading his love story his gospel to people in this world.  From the start of this sentence  i mention “fallen” as much i want to say a better word than fallen i must admit the world is having problems. Problems that mankind need to fix and solve. To save the world we need love . Love is a powerful tool and key to shape  the world to be a better future than the past. I am forever grateful for the opportunities and past learnings and skills that i have gained.  Sometimes we all need to have a quiet time in our busy life and reflect and meditate and ponder and stop what we trying to do and just pray.  Praying is essential key to our daily life as much is important to eating daily and wearing clothes. I wonder why we just pray when we are facing tough moments in life when we should put in reality and perspective that pray for when good and bad moments. I know i have done this in the past just prayed because i need it or that a quick response from God to save or help me. Is not like that actually in face we should spend more time in praying than thinking. Is it just me that i have written long enough about my past experience and thoughts or sharing and that i am about to finish writing this extreme long post about “prayer”. After all the title name of this post is ” Need Your Prayer” is clear and precise i will need your prayer and encouragement as much i wanted to write and say more i have to stop.


o it would be amazing and awesome and wonderful if you can keep me in your prayer life as much as i will be praying for you.
Please pray for me to have soft heart, focus, determination , good energy, concentration, motivation and strength to study at Brisbane School of TheologyAs much as i want to get a sustainable job and earn some money and think about the future plans i know i need to understand God’s word more and better equipped. In order to achieve this goal i must undertake a course to better comprehend the Holy Bible where i can empower and encourage people about his gospel. It may be simple but actually the context and history of the Bible is very complicated as much i need your prayer i need myself to be strong and ready to face the truth. I am not studying this degree to show how great i am good or done some achievement as much as credited i awe everything to him my creator Lord Jesus Christ. He is the source of me and you. One thing for sure is that i will strive and persist in my studies this year as much challengers and temptations i need to tell myself i need to be strong and bold in my actions and studies. Stand strong , head held high and proclaiming i am a Christian in this world and following my Jesus Christ is everything i can ask for right now as much i love sharing or writing to you i feel i need to be brave and take more risk in my life .  My life seems to drift away most of the time as much i feel lonely, depress, or sad i know i need to tell myself to be courage and not let Satan tempts me in my sad and depression status. Is part of a trap that he want us not to think about anything and not relying on Jesus. I know i need Jesus every second of my life as much  i write and share and  a good encouragement and empowerment to you guys i want to remind you how thankful and bless to know you.


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