2016 Events at BCCC

Mother’s Day
On May 8th 2016 YES (our English congregation) celebrated Mother’s Day at Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church hosted afternoon tea for our love precious mothers . They deserve every praise and every name for the care and support of us so much as being mum. Special mention and major contribution as Jasmin one of the sister in Christ planned  and organised this special event.  It was an magical afternoon time to spend time with my mum and other mums. Afterward i spend quality time at DFO with my mum where i manage to buy her something special.

Church Anniversary
My home church Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church celebrated our 32nd anniversary. It was  a joyful blessing day of worship, fellowship and reflection of our church for the last 32 years as a photographer i have the privilege to capture photos for them as my devotion and contribution to them as labeled as the status of church photographer. So if you see images from the church is mostly capture by me but not my deeds or skills i have this talent more to the fact of the work in Jesus for who i am right now as a photo mean a story and a story shows life and purpose.

limited photos for this section as it was taken a bit rush and not much preparation needed for church party so hope you can understand.


All photograph is captured by ©Bowie Sin Photography 2016