Thank You 2015 Welcome 2016

goodbye-2015-and-welcome-2016The moment when i start writing this short post 2015 is just almost over. Less than half hour to go until 2016. I still can’t believe this year 2015 gone so fast as much as i wanted to stop the time i know is impossible and i will need to move on just like i am quickly typing this note. To make sure i send this message in time i have schedule this post until 23:55 making sure only 5 minutes left before 2016 begin and that 2015 gone. Forever thankful for so many positive and blessings this year as mention from the earlier post of the ” Offline” i think. Is possible that i was just trying to write a post and get people attention without thinking what going to happen to me in the long term goal. Long term as much as i wanted to promote my writing and photography i want people to share about Jesus and his love story. He mean everything to me in this world. I know you heard me say a lot of times before from the previous post just want to clarify the upcoming year 2016 will be a big test for me as i will be studying bible college so the truth and task will be enormous so will definitely need all your prayer and encouragement to keep me persisting until the end. I don’t know what i will try to say next but i can ensure you that i will persist and never give up in reading the Holy Bible more and more  in the area where i can clearly motivate and share his story to all nations.xphillippians413-pagespeed-ic-9mfvpi5wnj

I am not suggesting that i will have all the information and notes from the Bible but to be fair i will be taking time and each step to encourage and empower you even better than the previous years. I know it may sound a bit heavy for you non-believers but trust me one thing i am a human and i am limited to many answers so i will try my best to answer all your questions if you do have any questions about the Bible or anything related.

I am proud to call myself a Christian cause knowing the truth and that Jesus died for me. I can basically share with you my testimony to you but that will be another time since this post labeled Thank You 2015 Welcome 2016 I am glad i have almost finish this short note just in time to send text messages to all my friends wishing them a happy new year and wishing them a good health and good energy and life with 2016 . Will continue to pray and support in the best i can do. Health is almost important so one of the goals i need is that i need to take care of myself an maybe risk going to the doctors and dentist to better self-care and help myself.  Anyways i am off to sleep now leaving 20 minutes spare for 2015. So thanks for all reading this last minute short post of 2015. As we welcome 2016 i say goodbye to 2015.

Brother in Christ

Peace be with you all forever and ever

Bowie 🙂


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