There’s this cool man in the bible, I’m sure you’ve heard of him. His name is Paul. He wrote lots of letters, if you haven’t read at least one of those, you probably barely open that majestic & powerful book. But yeah, Paul talks lots about how we have to live for the glory of God. How we should serve Him and how we should become slaves of God. When Paul talks about slaves he doesn’t mean the kind of slaves we immediately think about, but he means the patron-client kind of slave: if I need something from someone, and I can’t pay him back, I stand in his serves so I pay him back in that way. That is why Paul wants with us: we get grace from God, and God needs our praise in return, and that I the cycle that we should live in. Paul fell more in love with Jesus during every day that went, even though he suffered tremendously he never stopped loving him. No matter what he continued following God and no matter the pain he knew that something greater was ahead. He was in awe of God, and so should we. God owes us nothing but we owe Him everything! Amen.


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