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Friends since most of you ask me where you can  read my book chapters the following link below is where you can read my book chapters. I was just checking when i started writing my book, it was probably around 2013 and now i am in process of writing Chapter 7 so stay tuned for more updates once i finish i will send to my close friends either school/church or work first before deciding uploading on the following link. More like a reference progress and process for me developing the book to make it better. It would be amazing if you give me honest , constructive criticism and feedback so i can improve. I know for sure there is some grammar and some mistake in my English writing as i tend to write in the present and future tense when is hard to say and relate to what i have experience or haven’t experience yet. The hope is always to publish this book but that will be sometimes in the future. I don’t know when i will stop writing the book just more a reference and guidance for people going through tough time and they can trust Jesus no matter through my experience. And of course you can follow this blog for more updates daily or weekly. I apologise in advance for not updating earlier been busy couple weeks and have no time in writing short messages here was busy doing some photography and a lot of church related jobs keeping me busy this December month. I still can’t believe is already December and before you know is Christmas and New Years . There is a lot to say since i last updated to be short you can read my personal facebook page where i am so happy and delighted in new achievements and goals i can inspire and achieve for next year. In the meantime i will still be able to communicate with most of you during this Christmas season.


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