Reflection : October 2015


Starring on my computer screen for the last hour and just sitting back and not knowing the time was 11:30pm  November 1st 2015 i realise i have basically written nothing at all just maybe only one or two short sentences making this short note. That’s not the point of this message , the main point of this short note is just a small reflection of the last month October. I am still shocked to realise is already November and yesterday was the end of October but when you read this message is already days past November since i purposely scheduled this message to another day than the 1st of November maybe the 4th but now the 8th. A week been past since i last accessed the first version on the WordPress document i typed up. Let me start of by acknowledging that October been a really stressful and busy for month for me than usual not because is my birthday month but with many wonderful events happen to me this year.  Most importantly i am bless and thankful for Christ giving me this stressful month of learning and understanding through many wonderful activities and event i attended. You mean so much to me when you send Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. We are forever grateful for you. I really mean it !

To be honest i feel exhausted of editing and processing the photos .  Learning not to take as much as i needed to but this was my first time so is a learning process for me if i ever get become a wedding photographer. The fact i haven’t browse or edit any photos around Oct 24-31st week give me time to relax and plan on other projects. such as applying for jobs and other Christian support groups like StudentLife, RedFrog , SalvationArmy … the list goes on .
It was  quite relaxing but at the same time i feel i am not productive just sitting on my desk applying jobs / fixing my resume and writing cover letters and waiting for the waiting game to begin. As i waited and waited i started to get hesitated and start on other random stuff browsing and looking for gifts for Christmas. In fact i was interested in a health product watch like the FitBit

and others to compare since i really think i want and need one to better help my insomnia and health problems. I am still working in process so please continue to pray for me about that . That would be amazing and awesome. Not to what but because it was decent price and cheap i browse magazines and online promos for new smartphone. Before you ask me why i want a new smartphone i would answer to you i don’t actually want one right now more to the fact is for a change and new perspective. Not that is not working and is working okay i just think is time for upgrade . Just maybe ! Maybe not or even i should think of something else than a smartphone. I wasn’t planning to get the latest Iphone or Samsung maybe just a brand no one ever heard of it but decent . I won’t name it so you won’t need to google it and save me time to face and face to tell you.  Enough about the random thought inside my head about what i want – technology.
Fair point ! 

Is always this time of year when all my friends start to get worried or stress since is SWOTAC (week) while i am just daydreaming i am thinking of all of you.  Want to inform you all the best of luck in your focus and energy when studying for your exam. And when the date come for your exam i will definitely try to remember if not i will need you to remind me to pray for you. Because i do want the best out of you by praying for you and caring for you. Just like you would do the same to me when i have exams.  I promise i won’t disturb you at most this week but i will still contact you time to time of course not call you when your date is your exam. Maybe the day after or before your exam. If you don’t want me to call you that’s okay i am already going to pray for you already. Just like a simple prayer i prayed for my friend recently had a exam last week.

Dear Lord
Please pray for my brother /sister in Christ (name of person)

Lord, I know you are with me and love me.
Give me peace of mind as I prepare for this time of study.
Help me to focus on my books and notes,
keep me from all distractions so that I will make the best use
of this time that is available to me.

Give me insight that I might understand what I am studying ,
and help me to remember it when the time comes.
Above all, I thank you for the ability to be able to study
and for the many gifts and talents you have given me.
Help me always to use them in such a way
that they honour you and do justice to myself.  Amen

Beside editing the photos for my friend’s wedding i went to retreat church camp for the long weekend a weekend of refreshment and learning and fellowshipping . It was amazing time and full of joy and fun. You can read it here. A weekend away where i didn’t bring my mobile phone with me . Feel so energised and less distraction where i can spend quality time with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and enjoy God’s presence. I love where i don’t need to use my mobile phone to check for any Facebook or email updates cause is not important at all. I don’t know why most of us is obsess of Facebook when we can practically talk or meet people face to face if you can see them . Is much fun and practical to talk to them instead of typing on a screen . I guess i am different , i learn a lot using social media how we can talk to friends/people  online rather than face to face. Don’t get me wrong i do have Facebook application on my smart phone i don’t really check it at all just like ….. okay

So i did get off topic what i did for the last month beside the church camp and Michael’s wedding.

During October i had the time and opportunity to attend Sam Chan’s  talk about evangelism how to spread Jesus story to which was so amazing and wonderful. I was so passionate and inspired by his talks . His teaching gave me some technique how to spread the gospel to my non-Christian friends. Of course is going to be a challenge and hard to talk to them about the gospel but start off a simple conversation ” Hello ! How are you ? maybe it will just brighten someone day . Just like this quote from Leo Buscaglia  ” Too often we underestimate the power of touch, word , a listening ear, an honest compliment or the act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ”  a really powerful quote sparked me to do this to anyone who i meet in the street. It feel strange at first but once you get the pattern you will be fine. Of course is hard to converse with someone you don’t know . If you can’t maybe just smile back to them and they will do the same . I think is just basic common manners can’t the world be more like that. I definitely need working and a lot of progress . Just like the song Jordan Sparks ” One Step At A Time ” we can truly learn and do it more.  The more practice the more you will do better just apply everything to life.  Yes i am so encouraged with talks from church camp and Sam Chan and other inspirational people and other books and devotions from the Bible and other resources.   I am so lucky and thankful for the opportunities that i have right now as a freelancing most of my time.

Wait until i get hired either full or part time job  or continue to study i won’t have much more free time like now since i am so flexible and free most days whenever someone ask me for a timetable i can say whenever whatever suits you . That’s like me i would make a day for you i don’t really mind coming to join you for lunch even though it may be a long way for a short time. I want the relationship with you even though is a short period of time cherish every moment in life. I apologise for those who i can’t come to you since is not really ideal but i will still try to make it up with you either another day than Sunday. Sunday is not enough to talk to you need during the weekdays. I will try to converse with you either face to face or type to you just showing a appreciation i am here for you. Not asking for anything in return honestly i value relationship with people is most important in life. Without community in life would be meaningless and no purpose just like i recently watch a powerful talk linked from Sam Chan mention to watch a talk from psychologist Jonathan Haidt .

Yes if you have time spare some time to watch this video.
I will leave you now and won’t write anymore since i been on my computer from 4:30pm Sunday afternoon November 8th typing away this message as a reminder and thought of the progress what i have been doing for the last month October. Even though it wasn’t as detail as i wish for i have told my all. I am okay, my hands is red as always when i type a long article or message for you to read.  So you would ask me what’s the plan for this month November 2015 for me to be like? Umm to be honest i have some thoughts already and ideas i would want to suggest to you but that will be another note post for another day. Is not that hard to explain just because i need a break and not stare on my computer screen and to move around . Get my body moving and getting ready for dinner and preparation for dinner and watch the news from 6 every night .

Last but most important thank you all for reading this extreme * long post of me reflecting the last month and some ideas of what i have been doing with myself these days. So let me highlight some common and main prayer for me that i need you pray for me because i am feeling  weak*(not tired) lately and not feeling well but better each day because Jesus strengthens me each day to show his light and love to me so i can do the same toward to you all brothers and sisters in Christ.

  1.  Decision of next year – applying and  studying
    Diploma of Ministry @BST or  Diploma of Youth Work @ SU QLD
  2. Continue / maybe apply for school chaplain jobs
  3. Youth Work related jobs
  4. More confidence in facing my fears ( i hate this really going the dentist, driving,  climbing Story Bridge,  others ….)
  5. Continue to write my chapter book writing
  6. Continue to spread Jesus story and short post here WordPress or email updates or facebook udpates
  7. Continue to build strong relationship with family – brother and dad ( both need more Christ)
  8. Church support and encouragement and more service
  9. Assisting other church if needed

    Brother in Christ (Bowie)



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