Birthday YAY !

YES ! I know what you thinking right now and asking the same question over and over again ! Just like WHY ! 
Simple maybe because i am just bad at organising and planning my birthday events since today is my birthday may as well write something for the future me to read back and note this or for all followers or friends to read this. I had a busy couple weeks and didn’t really have a big plan birthday events so i decided to postpone my birthday until the end of the month 31st October to be a proper big celebration actually not much celebration then . Back to the main message why i am writing this on my birthday is because i want to aware and inform you all today is World Food Day (Oct 16 2015) despite the one day difference because of the USA time difference it is basically the same day. Got a email today from World Vision and Twitter informing this change and support in this short video.

The short video  impacted me to do more by supporting  and making a difference in life to be more thankful and bless in everything I do right now . I am so thankful and forever grateful to be living in Australia  to have so many lovely benefits.  That being said is time to grab some lunch and give out free food to people who needed the most as a part of a birthday event i planned.

For more information check out the link below and how you can help and support them as part of a birthday gift to them.

So my friends some brothers and sisters in Christ from church will come over later and we will play some games and then grab dinner. It will be good times i hope despite for the first time mum and dad won’t be home celebrating my birthday just with my brother . Another chance for me to be more independent and be brave in the choices that i take on my birthday . So the plan on 31st is to have a small dinner and then head to Operation Christmas Child | Samaritan’s Purse Australia part of activity i would want instead having birthday presents the presents all go to the kids who needed more than me. Actual thought was bowling or some bubble soccer sports but the cost and time is bit hard since everyone i know my friends is either busy with studying and exam week coming up . So if you can’t come that’s alright i am sure i will catchup with you sometimes soon in the future. And a big thank you to all my friends who wished me a birthday already i want to give you a big hug and thank you. Last but most important thank you Jesus for everything. You mean so much to me !  I wouldn’t be here on wordpress or online writing to you as a letter how much i love you. Your love is forever everlasting. I can’t ask for anything more just as i turn 24 i look back in the past and may have regret not focusing  you enough by my actions i truly regret my actions. Everyday i will repent and confess my sins as i am a sinner .  I can continue to write more but i think is time for me to switch off and grab lunch. Just want to let you brothers or friends who is reading this post i have removed facebook messenger on my phone and haven’t accessed Facebook since Thursday afternoon . The plan is not to use Facebook for another week or two but i will just mainly use twitter, whatsapp and email if you want to contact me you can send me a email or directly call me . It would be a joy and fun to hear your voice than you typing ” h-a-p-p-y b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y” to me more because i love interactions and your tone and see your pretty face. If you don’t live in Australia you can always skype me and then you will see me.  I actually don’t mind ! is up to you of course first time is always hard to imagine the person who you chatting it will scare and freak you once you know me i am a loving and gentle caring person who will respect and love you no matter what  because Jesus love everyone so in order to show Jesus love i will do the same.




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