Prayer Request (Late September Edition) *

**Prayer Request **

  1. spend more time with God in reading his word through the Bible and other commentary source /listening to sermons or music
    – allowing the Holy Spirit to work in me to encourage and empower to all my friends (brother/sisters in Christ) and people around me
  2.  My brother in Christ Michael Ti Hsieh​ wedding coming this weekend
    – good example of marriage and Christ-centre relationship
  3.  Regarding to the wedding of Michael i am assigned to be
    “his photographer” so pray for me that i can “not stress/worry ” to much and get the “good best pictures” for them. Honestly speaking i have never done a wedding shoot before most of the time would just do it for “fun” not serious but give me the confidence and strength and energy that i can do my job well. Relying and trusting God in everything i do and give him all honour in my photography skills. ( I could write more about it ) but for the note i will just debrief and only have a summary about it .
  4.  Our church BCCC camp​ this weekend ! pray for a good time of fellowship and learning time from “Jesse Caulfield” based on Ephesians ( i think)
  5.  My clarity and meaning behind my chapter book writing – hopefully most of you have received a email on Sunday afternoon ( if not please let me know i can either send you separately instead )
  6.  Of course there is a lot of other prayer requests that i want you to pray about but this is just “a list” for this week that you can keep this prayer in your mind.

    Last but most important comment below or send me a message or text me- email/whatsapp/sms or even call me on my phone what type of prayer i can pray for you about ?

    Thanks again for reading this short note message


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