Brisbane Sunsuper Riverfire 2015 Thoughts

Hold up ! I will upload photos as soon as possible and when i finish my dinner.  Brisbane Sunsuper Riverfire was great but not awesome as i expected maybe because i am so bless and thankful for where i live. I just live next to the Story Bridge basically i don’t want to complain but i just had to point out this year was not great than previous years. Maybe because there is so much smoke . I mean it smoke in most of my photos i captured. Reallly !!  when did they put so much smoke in the fireworks after all i wasn’t happy to see my photograph ruined or just not sharp enough. I am still learning to take better photos but i guess at the end of the day i need to learn more and read more and practice more to get the best shot.  After all there is no perfect photograph in life just how you view it and what people think about it.  Sorry time to grab my dinner now. Maybe i will upload some photos tonight if not possibly coming week if i get time.

Hope everyone enjoy the rest of the night . Peace out !



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