Is not that hard actually only three simple words that can change and impact people’s life? In fact this shouldn’t be just today should be everyday question .I don’t know what else to say but to really think about this three word?
” R U OKAY! well from what i gathered and talked to is bit of mix of people saying good and bad.  Honestly speaking i am still trying to make some more phone calls while writing this post up to all my friends and people who is facing this problem right now . It’s quite tricky while typing and speaking on the phone when i need to concentrate to the person who i am chatting to and thinking about what to say to them and what to write in this post.  Maybe the trick is just to focus on the talk and then write more later when i finish the call. I am sorry for the person who i am calling right now and not focusing on you as much i wanted. I will stop writing now …. is only 9:50pm now .. after long conversation on the phone i felt asleep and was so exhausted that i went to bed . The moment i woke up this morning i remembered about this unpublished post i started writing again. But every time i write a post i would need to re read everything i wrote so i can relate and continue what i am writing . Like for instance i don’t really actually know what i am going to say but just going to type each word whatever come out of my mouth. Is quite challenging most of the time to get the right words out not the wrong words . I am going to lunch now so to point out the main important fact is to ask these three word question to all your friends or even strangers. Not saying is easy but you can always try and have faith you can do it . That is what i tried yesterday to call most of my friends or even facebook message them. I usually don’t call people as much as i wanted to maybe because i haven’t got the time to do it or just that i am not bold enough to talk to them even though i may know them close enough to be a good friend.

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