Miss You


This is how i feel every time i when talk to my ” good friends”  from time to time. It just make me wonder to cherish more about ” life” right now not because i haven’t seen them for a long time just because once you get “old” ( i am not saying i am old ) more to the fact that is really really hard to meet all your friends from time to time. Since life will get busy from day to day …. make it so hard for you to see all your friends.  Some friends will last forever and some will just come and go but that’s life i guess ( i am no expert)  but i can ensure you that the most important friend you will ever know is Jesus . How amazing to know this is because of his provision/support and blessing toward us each day ! We are so bless and forever grateful for him for providing us a place to live/food to eat/cloth to wear and such more …. endless counting ( i can list a lot more but i won’t) to save me time from typing all the “things” that he have done for us is just amazing and wonderful.


Listen up friends i don’t know if you are reading this or not because i do really “miss talking to you ” i would literally come to your home or (a place where i can ” face to face” chat to you and have a proper “conversation)” with you not just typing on my screen on my computer … i don’t know why but i want to see your b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l- face and your lovely smile.  Having that “interaction “will make me full of  joy and love.  During my “free time” right now i am trying to find time to meet up with all my friends to have a good chat about their life journey.  Sometimes we would just hang and chat about anything from “what have they been up to” to ” how’s your life since last time i talk. Is part of a good social skills to keep me up for people who doesn’t interact with people from time to time. If you know me well enough i love to have a chat with anyone maybe is just my character skills i love chatting to anyone i know . Of course everyone is vulnerable someway and some sort and not want to engage with
people who is not close enough to share. I can totally relate to this , but the trick is to take a risk and challenge yourself to be brave or open up to people. I know in the past i was really shy don’t usually talk to people who i don’t know but from time to time i have the confidence or skill to have a chat with people who i don’t know. Of course is hard to have a conversation with someone you don’t know anything about them.


Is time for me to get some rest now enough thoughts and writing for almost a hour or two. Time for some  relaxation activities  maybe some exercise or walk or even have a quick nap or call some friends. But just looking at the time i will probably call them tonight cause is only 4:30pm and they still at work.


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