September Plans

Best way to start off this new month September is to give thank and pray about it. I know the struggle of each new day to wake up every morning to get ready to work or school.  The problem is trying to get up so early like around 5/6am . I don’t know if i have ever got up that early for a long time maybe awhile back now not because i had to more like i want to.  As mentioned on one of my post last month i have insomnia which is quite painful for me but i know i need to be strong and have the confident to go seek help or be treated by doctors or even go to psychologist therapy. Maybe i will consider one of the options that my friends have suggested me .

For me personally i love delaying or avoiding the issue/problem that i am facing right now just like nothing really had happen but in truth i am scared and not strong enough but one for sure is that i am trusting Jesus Christ in everything i do . Just like i hate going to the dentist not because i am scared of the procedure and method when treating my teeth more like i am terrified and just ignore it so my plan this new month is to go dentist no way i am going until when i feel comfortable but i will consider going to psychologist or some counselling help . Best way to get help is ask for help. I need to learn from this every time i would just stay at home and sleep over it and not worry a way that i can just escape reality in fact i am just a person at home or library typing away this short message for all you to read.  A good friend of mine recently told me that during this free time I have right now i can spend time in fixing myself ( i don’t meant that ) more like checking up and getting help . Is part of a season that God is working in me before giving the right job or pathway in the future. Maybe she is right after all. First i want you to pray for me about my decision making and choices i make either continue to study or look for work.

Finally i just want to share some plan that i am planning to do this new month of September. If i forget to do please remind me and keep me accountable in sending me texts or emails to notify me because i can’t always remember i have to do as much stuff as i can. I do write it on my diary or have sticky notes over my room to remind me what have to be done and what to do before the due date. Just another method of keeping me occupy and busy . Some would say i have so much free time right now . For me i can totally agree with you on that but just some days i can be get so busy and totally forget is almost half of the day gone by either writing a long note for all you to read or spend time in editing photos or writing my chapter or stuff …..

  • 1st of week September  (1-8)
    catching up with brothers and sisters in Christ – plan to read/study Bible Studies 
    International China Concern/ BC3 event – Saturday Sep 5
    Possibly email Chapter 6
    Church Photos print/edit
    More Japan/Spain photos edit
    Daily Sharing via FB/Wordpress updates
  • 2nd of week September (9-16)
    Research / Seek help counselling or psychologist for myself
    catching up with brothers and sisters in Christ – plan to read/study Bible Studies 
    Church Photos print/edit
    My brother’s birthday (9th)
    Our church planning day ( Sep 12nd)
    Converge/TBC/ – Other church attendance (13rd)
    More Japan/Spain photos edit
    Skype Dani (15th)
  • 3rd of week September (17-24)
    catching up with brothers and sisters in Christ – plan to read/study Bible Studies 
    Rebekah/Ping wedding – PRAYER /BOOK !!! – 17th
    Helen’s birthday -19th
    …..still planning
  • Last week of September ( 25-31)
    catching up with brothers and sisters in Christ – plan to read/study Bible Studies
    Brisbane Riverfire .. fireworks YAY not again the fireworks on Story Bridge i am getting bored ..
    …..still planning

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