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Sunday August 2 2015 I myself and my good friend Helen travel to Ipswich for a 10km walk for ICC. ICC stands for International China Concern . It is a “Christian development organisation that changes lives by bringing love, hope and opportunity to China’s abandoned and disabled. ICC partners with the Chinese government to provide holistic care and support services for China’s neediest children. ICC also empowers and trains Chinese nationals to save lives, support families, transform communities and change attitudes.”
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ICC organises Walk the Wall to help raise the necessary funds to ensure that it continues to provide its children with the care they require and deserve.

Not because i am Chinese participating this event more to the fact of the wonderful purpose behind the story just imagine if you don’t have the love/support and hope or even being abandoned or disabled when you were a child. The essence of nothing at all in your life but with this organisation ICC they provide all the care and services to all the children in need.

Last but most important it would be amazing if you could sponsor me and my good friend Helen for this wonderful cause in truth and honestly I am not asking you to spend a lot of money but just whatever your heart and soul and mind tells you.
It could be a $1 or even $10 which makes no difference at all to the fact all the money i raise up will be for ICC Organisation.

So below is the following link to sponsor me and Helen. If you want to know more please either contact me by person or check out the website above.
Maybe you can even do the walk in Brisbane on September 5 this year.

MY or


In advance
thanks Bowie

For more information check out : or 



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