I know most of you would be wondering why i haven’t updated any status or images or anything on the page for awhile and it seem bit odd and plain just like facebook these days. I want to let you know i have been feeling quite sick and mentally sick no jokes i been lying in bed most of my days and couldn’t do much feel so bad and hopeless. In this negative stage i felt sad and lonely feeling quite hurt trying to complain and worry and overthink a lot of stuff . I am so bad at this. I am so not strong . Whenever i get sick i would just do nothing stay at home and won’t see a doctor. Hear me right i don’t take medicine at all ! i hate pandaol or anything i would just drink water. That’s what my mum offers me water and honey each day to make me feel better. Guess i am slowly recovering right now as much as staying home i get to relax.  Sounds not fair i am sorry for those who is working everyday and i am just in bed doing nothing or basically sleeping for hours.  But i don’t get why people tell you if you sleep more you will get better. I totally disagree with these statement sleeping more than 8 hours just make you even weak and you just don’t want to get up. That was me like couple days ago i slept about >13hrs … geez i just wasted 13 hours of my life gosh i can’t take that back each minute i waste time is gone. Time can’t be erased or removed just like life. In fact i still can’t believe is August already and today is the beginning of the EKKA RNA showgrounds in Brisbane. SERIOUSLY where did this year go ! is it just me that this year gone so fast and before you know it is already DECEMBER and CHRISTMAS ( i am sorry about the caps ) was just trying to make a point or statement but in serious note i am feeling better from my flu and cold but just one issue my head been hurting i just can’t sleep at night it makes me hurt to think i have something serious inside my head but i don’t know what it is. Maybe i should go checkup or go to doctors and listen to your all suggestions and ask for help ! Is just me i don’t like asking people to help me , all i want to store all the problems i face in my body and one day i will explode. To anyone who is reading this i am sorry for me complaining and worrying about a lot of stuff just want to make it open by writing all this so i can read this in the future and remember my problems and let others who have this problem can face it.  Just want to say i am staying stronger no matter what happen or issue i am facing . I can conquer this and battle on. Never give up and persist and move on.


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