Just one more night to go until the 2015/16 English Premier League resumes i am so excited and pumped for this new season of football/soccer. I can’t wait mostly because i hope Manchester United can do better this season and try to challenge or even win the title from Chelsea who won last year . They deserved last year to win the title honestly United wasn’t sharp at all despite finishing top four under Louis Van Gaal . Let’s just watch and see the end of the result . With United new kit and new players i can’t get even excited for the opening match against Totthenham Hotspurs a dangerous team to watch out for this season. Is a early match was planning to go out to the bar and watch with mates but i am still recovering from my sick so i will stay home and watch it on my laptop. So this new upcoming season i will try update and share scores of each Manchester United matches result as soon as possible. If not i will update the day after most likely going to be after church on Sunday. So heads up if you reading or following my soccer updates it will be beneficial to know all my football results is sourced from websites from or or BBC Sports UK. All images is from tumblr or other soccer websites where i download and copied here for you to view and enjoy and not to mention follow my FB Page for more updates .



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