Just had another small argument with my mum about stuff that doesn’t really matter at all. I still don’t understand why my mum need to prepare food for the day afterwards like is kinda unnecessary for me to think that she knows if i will have dinner tommorow when i just finish my dinner right now? (today) maybe is just me after all i think is not a big deal to know if i am home or go out for dinners if is a day earlier. It seem to be a culture with my asian parents want to expect the best out of my future and plans. The future is unknown only God know whats going to happen to me in the future so maybe i am wrong just live each day as it comes. The scary thought about this is can have good and bad side effects. Such like life planning the future can be amazing and wonderful but when you plan things you tend not to do it and not expected. While if you don’t plan the future it could be so boring and random and strange . But one thing for sure is that tommorow is the first day of August 2015. WOW !


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