Spare Time

Since is been almost a month since i finish studying Certificate of Youth Work i been having a lot of spare time in my life. Some of you may think i am free and have so much time to do what i like to do. In fact i can agree and disagree with you about it.  Maybe it may seem unfair for me saying this since most of you work everyday full time and i am just at home most days when i am not out.  Finishing my certificate of Youth Work been one of the best studies i undertake not because i will graduate end of the year more the fact i gained so much skills which i can help a lot of people around me.  The skills i learn from the course improve me personally and more happier in my life.

Sooo during my free time i would either edit or capture photos which i love is a self-care excerise i tend to do when i feel bored and can’t think of anything to do. I also love writing and blogging and sharing my life journey to you guys followers to read about. Just like this blog post a bit random but i am sure you will like it once you understand my life bit more.  I will write about that later post maybe if i get time . I have so much photos to edit and is not funny the amount can be stressful but fun at the same time. I actually prefer going to work each day morning and come home . I just want to experience it and feel that life maybe i have studied enough and is time to move on. But i will re consider and study the Diploma of Youth Work when i am ready and when i want to get the chaplain job which will be in the future. I need more work experience and learning to become the best i can.


In midst of this been thinking a lot about my life i am not that young anymore i actually want to get married but first thing sure is i need to take care of myself and try to be more independent and self consciences in what i do in order to love a girl i like . As much i want to marry her i need to show more love to Jesus even though i share about his message i need to learn and love him as much. I am so in love with Jesus.

Sometimes this week i felt so weak and lonely just on the verge of not caring anymore just moments when you feel like you don’t really want to do anything beside sleep. Been actually sleeping more than >8 hours each day that seem to be a bad and negative effect . I thought sleeping more makes you feel better but in fact it doesn’t it just cloud your mind and make it more crazy . I am not crazy just feel random/odd. Maybe i should go to the doctors to checkup or something. I don’t know ….



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