Spending this morning on reflecting and writing a short message for all of you to read was a plan from the start of this week. Trying to write something important down before i forget to inform you some good news that will be happening to me end of this year.  Usually happen around this time of the year but for this particular course i undertook it will be in mid December. Do you know what i am talking to about because if you don’t then you must be dumb  (i am sorry about that for calling you D-U-M-B) maybe i should just say “not smart ” but actually is not that big event since i finished actually last month and didn’t really make a big deal of it.  Of course i am delighted and excited but at the same time i am glad i learn so much skills of studying Youth Work such a recommendable course for anyone to study. Maybe in the future i will undertake the diploma course to benefit my chances of becoming what i want to become.
graduation paper
It was probably one of the best course i undertake cause of the friendship and tutors support.  So many good moments which i can name but for this purpose of this message i am not sharing that. Maybe another post or something. Last but most important i want to say a big thank you for my mum for paying for me to study this course. Of course also my pastor Graham and Ellie for suggesting me to study this course and my fellow Christian brothers and sisters from my church and other churches for supporting and praying for me throughout my teenagers years . This certificate or award or some piece of paper (qualified as a youth worker is for all of you. ) Thank You Jesus for your underserving love . I love you with all my hearts soul and mind.



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