Was planning to write this sometimes awhile back and thought is now the time to share and reflect about it.  Maybe some of you would think this blog is just about daily promise and movie review and some other stuff just like a random blog. You maybe right for some aspect but in the midst of my writing of course is to share about Jesus love story. Indeed is a Christian blog you would already figure out by the title of this wodrpess page. Sounds simple right but actually is not that simple being a Christian is hard with full of struggles and life problems we face each day and we can’t prevent it. Whenever we have problems we tend to stress and worry about it and just not focus on God enough maybe we lack prayer and support. You know that we can always cry out to Jesus because he hears you out when you facing tough problems in life.

Life is not just about the happy moment more about a journey to proclaim and share about his love story. He is everything to me just like your family is everything to you.  I can’t live without my mum cause she means everything to me . This is also true  one day in the future you will have your own family if you ever get married which i hope to get married sometimes soon.  Maybe i don’t know only Jesus knows my future. Every day is a blessing and opportunity for you to spend time with him.



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