Movie Review : Paper Planes


Last Night Friday July 17 2015 went out to assist my chaplain Jennifer host a movie night event. It was amazing night we watched Paper Planes a wonderful meaningful movie for students to watch. It is a great meaning behind the story. The plot was basically “After he wins his school’s paper plane making contest, 11-year-old Dylan and his father bond as Dylan prepares for the World Paper Plane Championships in Tokyo.”. It was a good evening even though it was cold where there were about at least 200 students to turn up the cold. It was the first time Jennifer held this event part of a good course fundraising for school chaplaincy. Learning from her heaps.  Maybe i will upload more photos later, if i get the permission but anyways i would rate it 3/5 stars.  Part of the movie was the idea of hosting this competition for students to make a paper plane for the next couple weeks. Should be amazing time. Personally i can’t even make a paper plane but i know my dad’s uncle friend is so good at it.  I think when i was in my youth i had a time where i love making paper planes. Article Lead - wide6490737012n6wzimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.12n6ui.png1421282418372.jpg-620x349For More Information check out the official website


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