Decision Time


Deciding can be a tough choice in life as i am in the process of deciding of either studying or working. First i am not sure how i would handle this but i was reminded constantly i needed prayer and encouragement from friends / families and people who i trust and admire. This is not the first step i have to go through this tough decision as i know prayer is the so important and what i need right now so it would be awesome for you friends to pray for me . I have this options of studying ( continue to do a course – the course is a discipleship course GOYAM ( i was just browsing photography + discipleship course Brisbane = GOYAM . A passion for me is photography and  Jesus . I love sharing God’s story and his truth and amazing to see the gospel around my friends and people who i don’t know as part of my goal is to become a school chaplain in the process i need the experience of work and volunteer and training. So the dilemma is to look for work or study this course. Please pray for me as i am still deciding and talking to friends like you ( which i need advice ) what is best for me to achieve the goal of becoming a school chaplain . I know God is working in me every single day which i am so thankful and bless to know the support is there. Without him i wouldn’t be able to make this step to take a risk or chance. Chance doesn’t usually come second chance for me . Maybe because i am to hurt or sadden or worry about the past that have scarred me as i was not good enough and was being bullied online by name saying and just not respecting who i was . I guess i move on those days but i learn how to be smart and to become the person who i am today.

If you know me from young age i am a person who only share to people who is real close to me that mean like from young when they watch me from young until now ( so most brothers and sisters from Brisbane Cantonese Christian Church ) i guess i can count the friends from YMIS ( which is so amazing and fruitful) they been part of who i cherish and build my confidence and character inside myself to be the strong and wonderful. I am so thankful and bless. Now the future is up to me and you in some way to decide.



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