June 20 2015 Introduction and Reasoning behind this blog

After couple weeks of planning and organising i finally decided to start a new blog page for all my followers, friends and family to know me better than myself. I know this for sure is once i finish writing up this short message or any note in the upcoming days it will be online forever no turning back so can’t be removed. Once you share anything online it stays online. So the plan for this WordPress blog is to give you wisdom and strength from my experience and learning throughout my life toward you in some way. After all is just another blog for you to read from time to time and for me to reflect on myself to share to you in a meaningful way.
I know some of you may already think this blog is just purely Christian theme when you realise the name of the website starts with the name “Jesus”.

Ooooh just hear me out for one more paragraph or two before you click the “x” (close the page down) as mention earlier my focus on this blog is to share my wisdom and strength to you all not just about how amazing my creator God to give you life in by sending Jesus to die on the cross for everybody sins.  How great is that ! Just imagine someone willingly to take up your death. I am pretty sure you wouldn’t do that for anyone maybe just maybe for your family sake.

So what can you expect to see on this page for the upcoming days
1.  amazing photos – mostly captured by me personally unless something i can’t capture or haven’t snap will probably be sourced through Google
2.  short note – maybe short wisdom message to help and influence your day better
3. personally reflection – maybe a daily or 2/3 times a week of personal reflection ( what been happening in my daily routine)
4. Bible Verses ( source from www.365promises.com)
5. I can’t think of anymore at the time being will let you know once i share …

Sometimes, I just sit back and realize how blessed I am. God is great.
I have amazing people in my life. I shouldn’t complain. Praise Him


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